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Wealth Builder Industry

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I don’t mind letting people think they’re smarter than me; I don’t even care if they’re right. If a person in the TE Industry tries to “help” you in a rude and insulting manner, trust me they don’t mean it. You can be as nice as humanly possible and it won’t make any difference, they’re trying to hurt you. What we need to keep in mind are the people in the very midst of the ill mannered, who know the value of service and who may know it better than us. Kindness is the heart of good service, so anyone can do this. Learn from these people and ignore the haters. To speak of haters in blog posts, Blabs or Skype is simply infantile. People who thrive on the fact that they can be hateful and still succeed, are not even worth hangin’ out with.

If we feel that our actions can’t hurt us financially, then we can just shit all over people and they’ll still buy from us; not the best policy! It’s that Old National Socialist sense of entitlement; That Ol’ Wal-Mart Standard…. “They can’t do anything to me, so I’ll just stick it to them and corner the market.” Awful policy! I love ALL the people of this industry and have no design against any of them. Simply put however, most people are completely unaware of love beyond their immediate family. Such people really should not be in business. Stating a fact!

My late wife Cynthia Germana died on November 29th, 2015. She didn’t even get to share Christmas one last time. She suffered from diabetes and being prone to stroke. For a period of about 3 years, she suffered compulsory strokes, and was later held in a nursing against our will. This was what led to the final stroke she suffered being fatal.  I was sitting in jail for $1,000 in child support arrears, begging God to get me home before she died. The last year of her life, Cynthia didn’t even know who I was, so this was an unbelievably painful thing to go through! Being told by a neurologist that they could only keep her comfortable. I began telling myself…”I’m On The Bus!!!” Well, It worked!

I slipped right through the hands of 2 Governors warrants; (who broke the law and were called out by Dr. Evelyn Kramer) I traveled 4,000 miles, beheld the death of Cynthia, fell down into mourning and cried for a month. I don’t know about you, but I would rather never earn a dime if I can’t help the person behind me get out front. There are millions of people who feel this way. They are waiting for honesty and if we don’t identify with that, then we don’t care about their success.. I know what it’s like to truly LOSE BIG. But you if you truly TRY to be good, put others first and even “be sacrificed for someone else”, you will never be alone; and you CAN have True Success In Life!!! Money does NOT measure success at all. Not even a little bit 🙂

I wish those well who wanna see me fail, but it’s best I keep my distance.  I know these guys are good people deep down, but we’re different and that’s that. I don’t believe in worrying about the future or being obsessed with it. Their model is working for them. Ours will also work for us. Go Wealth Builders!

I am Not in the Mood!

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Hope Everyone had Great Holidays. Its Monday again time to go back to work, but we are still in Holiday Hangover and Not in the Mood to work.

Imagine, going to a Doctor in Emergency and he says I am not in the Mood, going for a Concert and Musician/Artist saying I am not in the Mood or a Sportsmen having a game on Boxing Day saying He is still in Holiday Spirit and Not in the Mood to Play. Will their conduct be acceptable? No. Because they are answerable to People and Live In Public Life. We may not be answerable to People nor in Public Life, but we are Still Answerable to ourselves, we may be working Online, Its our Business.

Waiting for our Mood to get Right, it Robs us of Invaluable time we lose and eventually Robs us of Success, no matter what Job we do. We all have 24 hrs in a day and every hour needs to be used well. We Envy the Achievements of Great People but forget that in their time, they never waited for their mood to get Right, “Come What May” they always get on with their work, Rain, Winter or Summer, it never mattered to them.

Many People use excuse “I am not in the Mood” by saying, “Job is not worth Doing”. They wait for important jobs to come along, but the fact is “The Big Jobs they Yearn to do and Small Jobs they Spurn to do, they Actually do Nothing”. Waiting for Right Job to come your way or Waiting for Right Mood to come along, is nothing but excuse for Laziness. Take the small jobs as they come and the Bigger Ones will surely follow.

Even when you are not in mood, go to your Job and Start Working, may be first few minutes you may be slow, but slowly things will be smooth and Mood Will be On. Try It Yourself.

So Roll up your Sleeves and Get Back to Work. Don’t Look for an alibi to cover up your Laziness. Wise men only looks for One Rest – the Eternal One.

The path to Oblivion is marked with “I am Not in the Mood” and those who follow it Never Achieve Success or Happiness.

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Are You Really Happy?

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Yes. Stupid Question Right. We get Instant Reply from our Mind, but actually it’s a Question to our Heart.

We all want to be Successful, but Success should not be confused with mere amassing of Wealth, earning good Salary at job, reaching pinnacle of Glory in our Field.

Success is more than the mere achievements of Materialistic Things. Take the case of an Individual who was determined to forego all leisures, pastimes and enjoyments and even ignored family and friends to earn money. When after years of hard work, he finally got Rich. He had money but no Real Friends or Family to Enjoy the Success with, He had money to eat out at best hotels every day but lost his appetite, Is he Really Successful? Certainly Not!

If mere Money, Name and Fame were meaning of Success, then why many Celebrities, Super Rich Individuals, get addicted to Drugs, have to go to Rehab, they get depression attacks and few even commit suicide. They have reached pinnacle of Fame, but on their Journey they lost all Friends. When World lies at their feet, but they have lost the Zest for Life. They take happiness for Granted and try to postpone it.

If we read autobiography or biography of Successful Individuals and even watch their interviews, One Single Thing they regret is Ignoring Friends and Family, sacrificing happiness in their quest for Fame, Power or Wealth.

We should prepare Our Plans for Life in such a way that it allows us to Enjoy Short Term Successes, while we still thrive to win Our Long Term Objectives.

Smile – We meet hundreds of people Daily, but we don’t even care to look at them. Just smiling at while passing by when we meet People at Work Place, Mall, Bus, Trains etc. If we Smile, most people will Smile back, and You Never Know it may be the Only Smiling Face they See the Whole Day. Greeting everyone with Smile when we Arrive or Leave at any Place. Happiness of Making Someone Smile, cannot be bought by any amount of Money. We can fill our Life with these small moments of Joy without any Cost, as Smiling does not incur any Costs.

Help – Helping others is the Best Way of Making Good Friends. We can help others by lending books to our Neighbours, Colleagues etc, Helping your companions at Work when they require any help. We sometimes know that someone needs help and we can help them but we just ignore as we are too busy with ourselves. Helping Someone without any Expectations and when he really requires can bring a lot of Happiness and Joy, and can even make us true friends.

Unhappiness is due to Greed, Worry, Jealousy and Suspicion. While Generosity is the Prime Factor of Happiness.

Be Content – Being Content does not means, not having Goals and Dreams. Just be content and Happy with God, for whatever he has given us. While Striving for Better Results, we should not get bitter with defeat or delays. If we get discontent we will not be able to enjoy what we have achieved or what we already have.

Always Remember while Success often depends on circumstances of time, place and people, while Happiness depends entirely on Yourself. Whenever you feel otherwise, just say to Yourself.

“You Can be Happy, only if you Realize that it is not Our Position in Life that Matters, but our Disposition”

As I said in my Last Blog Post, we should not Worry, what has happened in Past, We should only think of “One Day at a Time”. As Christmas and New Year round the Corner, take time out of our Lives, Wish our Friends and Family, Talk to them, Meet Them, Be Happy.

“Best Way to find Happiness is not to Search for It, But Create It”.

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year.

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Traffic Monsoon – A Great Mix of PTC and Traffic Exchange with Revenue Share.

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Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon – Owned by Charles Scoville, it’s a site which has PTC with Traffic Exchange and Revenue Share all in One.

Paid to Click (PTC) – Even as free member you can earn $ 0.10 every day with paid to click ads or cash links. It’s one of the high paying PTC Sites at the moment. The Cash Links are updated every hours so you can check 2-3 times in a day to get more ads.

Traffic Exchange – Its one of the few sites with long timer of 20 Seconds, as free member you get 0.5 credits for each site view. Surfing can be a pain sometimes not due to long timers but due to more clicks per page, as after clicking the matching icon, we need to click “next site” button to go to the next site. But all that pain for surfing is worthwhile as the results from Traffic Monsoon are pretty good. Its got great Alexa Rankings. Its also got CTP Badges and also in Badge Mastery.

Upgrade – The Best part about Upgrades in Traffic Monsoon is that any purchase you make even $1 ads will upgrade your Account for Lifetime and your Credit Ratio will increase to 1 Credit per View from 0.5 credits per view.

100% Referral Earning – We don’t earn any credits from Referral Surfing, but we earn 100% of Referral Earnings of their Cash Links, we just need to surf minimum 10 pages in Traffic Exchange which will make our Status as Active for 24 Hrs and during that 24 Hrs any Referral Clicks for Cash Links will earn us 100%, same amount as our Referral Earns. Awesome.

We also earn 10% on Referral’s Ad pack Purchases. For Example, if a Referral buys $50 Adpack we instantly get $5.

Revenue Share – Personally I never believed in such sites and always stayed away from such sites, joined Traffic Monsoon mainly for Traffic. It also sells Adpacks which give 10% profits. You can purchase an Adpack for $50 and you get an active Sharing Position and Revenues from the Site are shared with you every Day till you earn $55 (10% Profit). You also get 1000 ad credits plus 20 Guaranteed Banner Clicks too with each Ad Pack.

Revenue Share Model – You get 1000 ad Credits and 20 Guaranteed Banner Clicks, if you buy them separately, 1000 ad credits are available at $5.95 and 20 Banner Clicks are available at $5 so for each Adpack which you purchase at $50 you get advertising value of $10.95 and return of $55.

Is it worth to Pay $39.05 more? This is the Crux of the Revenue Share Model and this is what Makes Traffic Monsoon Unique and Stable. As you purchase the Ad Pack you get Sharing Position and this is the Money which gets shared between the Active Shared Position Members. Currently the approx daily average earning per adpack is around $1 so you can earn 10% cashback on your investment in around 55 days.

So, with every Adpack you invest at $50 you not only get $10.95 worth of Advertising you also earn $55 (10% Profit) back in around 55 days so making profit of $5.

Safety – Common issues faced by many users is their accounts being blocked its due to same ip address safety measure used by site to avoid duplication of accounts. You are only allowed to have single account per i.p. address, but its temporary suspension, when you login from different ip address your account gets unblocked.

Scam or Legit – Generally the Revenue Share sites cannot be Trusted, but Traffic Monsoon has been around for more than a Year, its Paying Regularly to its Members. I cannot Guarantee it will not turn into scam as in case of any other site Online, but can say its Safe to work with site, as the Owner is roaming around the World doing Seminars and bringing awareness about the Site. If he wants to do a Scam, why will he roam around the World and Promote his Site and bring in new Members?

Verdict – Traffic Monsoon can be used for Traffic Exchange and Cash Links, as even as Free members you can easily earn $0.10 daily and great traffic results which the site is generating due to huge member base. Only Purchase Revenue Share Ad Packs if you can take the Risk otherwise it’s a Great Site to work as Traffic Exchange and PTC.

You Can Join Traffic Monsoon for Free By Clicking Here

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