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Tracking Your Results

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Suppose you get a Payment, but get no Details about who has send it to You, nor any details from which site it came. Now you either try to find out about it so you know where you earned it or can just enjoy that you earned some money without bothering from where you got it.

If you Choose Second Option, you really need to get Serious about your Online Business, if you are here Online for Hobby it does not matter, but if you are here Online to Make Money and Grow your Business, then Tracking is one of the most essential Things. When you do not even Know, from where are you Earning Money, then how will you focus on that Program or Site to earn even More or have no idea which of your Advertising Campaigns are Working and which are not. Which site in bringing in Referrals and which sites are giving no response to your ads, Unless you track you will have absolute no Answers to any of Your Questions!

Its not that you cannot Get Referrals or Earn Money without Tracking but you can focus more on Sites which are bringing you Results and Get even Better Results.

Ease of Use – A Tracking Program will give you its own url to promote instead of your Splash Page link as it tracks it, but another great benefit of trackers can be that when you want to change your ads as some might not be working over time or you want to promote a new one instead of old one, you just need to change the link in your tracker and it automatically updates everywhere you promote the tracker link, just imagine saving you Time and Labour to login at hundreds of TE’s and change the splash page link? Owned by Tim Tech, Its one of the Best Tracking Programs with lots of Advanced Tracking Options, its gives 30 days free trial and then its $9 monthly for unlimited trackers. Its very easy to get started with simple interface, advance tracking can take time to getting used to. We can also track Banners and use Banner Rotators too.

If you want to learn in depth about check out by Tom Wacker. It has great training videos.

Vital Viral Pro Owned by Troy Wray its another Great Tracker with many customizable and advanced tracking options. The Best thing I Personally love about it is that we can Personalize the Splash Page with a Personal Brander with Text Message and add a Text Ad and Banner Ad to each page we promote. It has 2 Levels, Platinum with 15 Urls at $5.97 monthly and Premium with unlimited urls at $9.97 monthly. You can also take Silver and Gold Upgrade by showing 500 and 1000 coop credits monthly for 5 & 10 Urls, and As Free Member you can Track 1 Url and Brand 10 Urls with a Single Rotator with 10 urls. It can take time getting used to as has many customize able options. It also has Banner Tracking and Banner Rotator options and we can also Create Splash Pages.

Cash Track Bar Owned by Steve Ayling, its only tracker with lifetime upgrade option with 2 Levels, Standard with $7 Lifetime Upgrade with tracking of 5 Urls and 1 Rotator, Second Upgraded Member with $27 Lifetime Upgrade which gives Lifetime tracking of 50 Links and 25 Rotators. Second Level can only be purchased in members area so you have to purchase Standard First. It has very limited options but does the work of tracking, think we cannot complain with lifetime upgrades.

Smart Url – Owned by Troy Wray and Darren Olander, just launched some time ago, its nothing more than a clone of Vital Viral Pro with different design and a bit of less features and more expensive, it has 2 levels Pro at $11.97 monthly and ultimate at $17.97 both with unlimited url, just ultimate having more options.

Quality Pro4u – Owned by Josh Abbott, we all know its Pro Only Traffic Exchange with $5 lifetime upgrade, but it also gives basic level of tracking options, we can track 50 urls and 1 rotator.

Coop Mg – Owned by Randy Howard, its Traffic Exchange, Co Op, and also gives very basic tracking options, if you don’t want to spend money and are looking for totally free option, its good but very basic level, it tracks 50 urls and 1 Rotator.

Eat My Clicks – Owned by Grant Thomson, just recently launched, Upgrade at $2.50 monthly and track 50 urls and 10 rotators, as free user you can do basic tracking of 10 urls. Not used much, detail review only after some experimenting but looks good.

If you are looking for Easy to Use Simple Interface go for, if you want lots of Customization Options and want to Brand your Pages and add Banner and Text Ad go for Vital Viral Pro, these two are the best advanced level trackers, if you are tight on money than go for Cash Track Bar or Quality Pro4u they are good for basic level tracking with lifetimes and looking for a totally free option don’t want to spend use Coop Mg.

Keep Tracking.

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Don’t Follow Anyone!

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When we First come Online, We look out for People who can help us, guide us, so we can start on our Journey of Making Money Online. Sadly, we all don’t get good Mentors or Sponsors who help us Grow.

Then we all come at a phase when we ask Ourselves, Who Should I Follow? Don’t Follow Anyone.

‘Long Timers Don’t Work’ – Most Experts Online advice to avoid long timers as they say it will prove to be a hindrance and will not let us surf many pages. If that’s the case, then how 2 of the most successful traffic exchanges have the longest timers.

EasyHits4u – Owned by Relmax, its one the Best Traffic Exchanges, it just reached a Landmark of 1 Million Members and growing each day. It has the longest of timers 20 seconds and is still growing despite long timers. It gives cash 0.30 for surfing 1000 pages and also has Splash Page Creator, Rotator even for Free Members.

Traffic Monsoon – Owned By Charles Scoville, it’s a mix of PTC and Traffic Exchange, we get ptc ads daily called Cash Links, and we earn 100% of our Referral Cash Links, to quality for earning we need to surf minimum 10 pages daily in Traffic Exchange it also has 20 second timer. It also offers 110% cashback on advertising package purchases. The site is really gaining in popularity as its Alexa Global Rank has reached 1011.

‘Don’t Promote Every Other Launch’ – Another Advice many Experts Online give is don’t jump and start promoting every other launch, which is very True in a sense but then I also Wonder Why is my inbox flooded with mails whenever a new site launches from the experts to join them in new Launch?

‘Paid or Pro Sites Don’t Work’ – Most of the sites today are Free to Join, so we can join as Free Members and upgrades are optional and many People too also advice that Pro Sites do not Work. Now most part of any Online Marketers Income does not come from Surfing it’s the income which is contributed by Referral Purchases, that’s the Reason why each site encourages members to upgrade. So how can sites where eventually all active members are Upgraded will not be good. All these pro sites have a great potential to earn you a monthly Residual Income.

Few of these Sites which are really Successful.

Quality Pro4u – Owned by Josh Abbott, it one of the least expensive pro sites, $5 one time Lifetime Pro upgrade and 100% commissions from our Referrals. Another beauty of the site is surf only 25 pages daily and our Referral Link is included in Rotator so we also qualify for Random Referrals.

Admaster Plus – Owned by John Bell, He is One of the most respected Traffic Exchange Owners. It’s one the best Paid Sites. The Site has more than 30k members and has already paid out more than $90k in Commissions.

Shockwave Traffic – Owned by Eric Goettman, Its backed by Great Owner, Site offers upto 75% Commissions and Earn $1.25 for surfing 250 pages every 10 Days. It also has CTP Badges.

Still new sites but have great potential as backed by Great Owners.

Pro Surf 100 – Owned by Randy Howard, it’s site with a Unique Concept, we just need to Surf 100 pages once every week and all our sites are active for Whole Week.

Traffic Muscles – Owned by Thomas Sheets, It offers upto 75% Commissions and Earn $1 for surfing 250 pages every 10 Days. It also has CTP Badges, Daily Rewards etc.

Custom Hits – Owned by Ghislain Poirier, Its with unique Customizable options, each month we get a point and with it we can choose of increase Our Commission ratio, or Surf Ratio or Referral credits or Monthly Credits and each change is for Life. Upgrades are very affordable at $1.45 per month.

‘Don’t Bribe for Referrals’ – Another Great Advice all experts give us are Don’t Bribe and get Referrals as most of them don’t work, as they only joined for Bribe. Then why each other TE Owner ask his members to join a site under him under name of ‘Site of the Week’ or get free Credits, Banners, etc etc. If all these members are not going to work on new site, why would an Owner try to bribe these members when they don’t work?

The Simple Reason, each and every Person Online is here to Earn Money, take people’s advice, but Don’t Follow Anyone Blindly, and always try to use your Brains. It’s not that each one is Wrong, but they share their experiences, their own notions about things, their beliefs, they may be true to them but not for Everybody. “The Only Limits You Have, are the Limits You Believe”. We need to device our own methods and our own Strategies which work for us.

Don’t Follow Anyone Blindly even Me.

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How to Get Referrals?

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One Golden Question Every person Online either New or Old always asks is How to Get Referrals? The Key to Success and Building a Business Online are Referrals, as more the Referrals we get the more chances are of our Success Online.

So, how you get Referrals? You pay them to join? Buy more Credits? or Surf for Credits?

Big Promoters are spending lots of Money every month Buying advertising to get Referrals, they get success but are they happy with their Results and Cost per Referral? I don’t think so. Cost Per Referral can be subjective matter, but lower the better.

Bribes – Many people will give out bribes in addition to Sign Up Bonuses at sites, as Sponsor they will give you a Special Incentive to join under them, many support it, but I am totally against the Bribing Technique. It might get your lots of Referrals and you may enjoy good Success, but then these bribe seekers are not always good or active members, once they will come across another one offering bribe at another site and they will join it. They never joined you or the site, they joined for the Bribe. The Person should join you as Sponsor not the Money you give him to join but for the Trust in You. It will never be a long time journey. That’s the reason, now many Traffic Exchange Owners are banning Paying to get Referrals and even banning people to pay others to join them.

Then what’s the most cost effective way of getting Referrals? Co-Op’s

There are 100’s of Traffic Exchanges and Thousands of new Users join them every month, so to reach out to the Larger Audience best way are Co-op’s. It is never ever humanly possible to join all these exchanges and surf them nor its practical to buy credits in all these exchanges. It will take Lots of Money and Time, Co-op’s solve that problem. They help us reach out to audience in 100’s of exchange even without joining them or surfing them. We promote our coop urls with other member ads and earn credits, in return our ads will show when other member promotes his coop url. So, we can keep surfing our favorite exchanges and promoting the coop url and earning credits and get our ads seen on various traffic exchanges.

The Best Co-op’s which I really love to use to promote my Advertisements.

Explosive Traffic – Owned by John Bell, its one of the best co-op’s with very great results. All sites submitted are manually approved, so no bad sites here, rotators, coop links, cloaked urls are not allowed, so it provides the best quality traffic. To stay ahead of the competition, they have recently done away with credit system and now they give you money for showing coop url and use that money to fund your campaigns by making bids, the amount you want to pay for each site visitor. It also give you stats of site on which it was shown and you can even block the sites, you don’t want your ads to be shown.

Coop Mg – Owned by Randy Howard, its also among the best co-op’s, Its also a Traffic Exchange with Co-Op and also have a Weekly Surf Competition with Top Surfer Awards, here also each site is manually approved for best quality traffic, frame breakers, pop ups, rotators are not allowed. The ads are currently shown to 500+ sites approved by the coopmg.

Legacy Team Co Op – Owned by Legacy Team, its also a top performing coop, has Team Contests, Solo Contests, One thing differentiates it from others is that many members even promote coop url in Mailers and Safelists so it opens up a whole new group of other members seeing our ads. It also has CTP XP Badges.

Wealth Builder Team Co Op – Owned by Evelyn Kramer, part of Wealth Builder Group, this coop is really picking up in recent time, with some really great results. Backed by Wonderful Team, it will give good competition to other coops and will grow further. It also has CTP Badges and XP Prizes.

Rapid Fire Ads – Another Coop from Legacy Team, it’s a bit gamified concept, it first started showing 4 ads together, but as it was not much success with advertisers, now back to 1 ad at a time, conventional concept, its back by wonderful Team, after coming back to conventional concept of single ad it has started give wonderful results with more time it will only grow further. It also has CTP XP Badges.

Asylum Hitz – Owned by Thomas Sheets, is more of Traffic Exchange with a coop, its still very new but really growing and starting to give good results. It has CTP XP Badges and also XP Prizes.

Viral Te Coop – New Site, it even pays to promote the coop link in approved traffic exchanges, has 368 sites approved for exchange.

I love using all the coops, as each one helps me to reach out to a greater audience, which I can never reach out even if I try to spend lot of Time and Money.

When hundreds of Marketers are promoting same site for Referrals, then we need to device our own strategies to get good results for Referrals and I started to rely on coop advertisement as its really cost effective way of getting referrals.

This week, I was also invited to write a Guest Post at his blog by Mahesh G, Owner of Magic of Traffic.

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Hope you all get Wonderful Success with Referrals. You Never Know.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

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When we Start our Career, in Job, Business or Profession, do we do it for few hours a week or few days a month? Working Online is our Business, we need to take it seriously and dedicate some time as per our schedule to do it Daily. That does not mean giving up on your Offline Routine, but giving time to your Online Business in your Schedule and trying to stick to it.

As we have limited time, we gotta make most of it and I would love to share a few tricks I learned from my experiences Online.

Site Rewards – When we plan to surf a site, we should always check if it has a Promo Code or some contests going on for Day, and if we complete that, we get some extra advertising and we don’t have to do anything special as we are already surfing the Site. Also, claiming Average Surf Reward and Surf Rewards in Sites after surfing If they have, it also gives us some extra Advertising. Also playing VTG games and collecting Zubee Coins while Surfing, give some extra rewards.

Login Spotlight – The best way of getting some free quick credits is Login Spotlight, just keeping an eye on our inbox for spotlight mails can give us some good free credits. Even the new Spotlight Banners on Home Page is also good way of some quick credits.

Surfing Faster – The two products I really Love which help me surf Faster.

Traffic Browser is a Browser specially designed for Traffic Exchanges. It even manages the list of your Traffic Exchanges. It helps you earn more credits, as it switches to next tab every time when you click.

Tab Accelerator is a Special Software designed for Traffic Exchanges, it works will all Browsers and switches to next tab when you click.

Upgrade – If you love surfing a Traffic Exchange or surf it very often, its better to Upgrade. Why? For Example, As Free Member, most TE’s give 0.5:1 surf ratio and 8 sec timer, if you surf for an hour you earn around 225 credits, and if you are Upgraded, you get 1:1 surf ratio and 5 sec timer, now if you surf for an hour you earn around 720 credits. Upgrading can help us get more credits in same time we spend surfing.

Surfing Strategy – I used to think if I surf 10-12 Traffic Exchanges together, I will earn more credits, but over the period of time I understood, I was actually losing more time, as till the time I reached first site again after surfing all my sites, the timer was long finished, hence from all the experimenting I can say that the best way to surf is 5-6 sites together and arranging them according to timer, the site with least timer first and with most timer last.

Notepad/Excel List – One thing we need most are our Affiliate Links, with the increasing no of sites, we join and promote, I recommend creating a Notepad or Excel file which contains all our affiliate links, which can come in very handy and save us lots of time from logging into each site and getting our links.

Exclusive Promo Codes – There are certain sites which give Exclusive Promo Codes to sites, which gives us tons of Credits, Banners etc. Truck Load of Ads , Traffic Codex and Top Viral Mailers. All these three sites have some Exclusive Promo Codes.

Downline Builder – The Biggest Mistake I ever made was not filling out Downline Builder at any of the Sites. Now, I feel it’s a missed opportunity if I fail to fill out my Downline Builder and if some of my Ref’s Join the programs in it, I miss out on a Referral. As “You Never Know”, who will join and when.

Hope you all have already gained your $12 Signup Bonus at Wealth Builder Group Sites.

These are the ways I try to Work each and every Day, trying to Grow Each Day.