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Earn A Good Income Online

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The first question is how do you earn a good income online? You need is a reliable product and plenty of traffic to it. But how do you know if you are getting enough traffic? How much is enough? A lot of professionals use social networks, auto-responders, traffic exchanges, safelists, search engine optimization and content creation (or blogging). You want to try to get as many people to notice you as possible. The best place to do that is Facebook. Everybody has friends there; and who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the new streaming features available? Of course this is a great platform. Sharing your business with your friends first. You’d be surprised the results!

The fact is, traffic is a great resource to sell online. Everybody wants to be seen and there are many free sites, where they can do just that. But you need to be careful and many of us are not. There are many people out there who invest a lot of money in their websites and they want that money back! They will offer you upgrades everytime you log in, while continuing to diminish the quality of the site for their free members. They will come out with sales packages that are not a value at all; they will also leave you without help when you really need it. Just be careful, it’s a free world out there and people are perfectly aware of it, if you know what I mean.

So how DO you get lots of traffic? Well, can help you there. Here is a sight where you can stream FB Video, Pages and comments, as well as the comments and appID, to allow YOUR friends to see YOU at our site! When you connect your blog to your page, it automatically updates at the affiliate site, where all your friends are repeatedly led to your FB Page, from where they can join The Network! It’s a good idea to post as your page when streaming new video content, which will again lead them to your Facebook Page, where there is a sign up page for your website or app.

The Facebook training videos show you how to create pages, gather followers and lead them to your website. I simplify it further with recurring videos at my FB Page; thus showing as the standard video series while members are learning to use the site more efficiently. (updating their video, pages, comments and apps) As you post to your blog daily, you can also stream that content straight to your FB Page and again, you’ll be inviting your facebook friends to see your daily blog post on auto-pilot. As things heat up more and more over in the developmental department at FB, we’ll being keeping up to speed. The FB login coming soon to btw.

Online Traffic Business

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I think the most exciting thing I’ve learned in this business is that I can lead followers to leaders. I don’t need to go this business alone and if I am willing to take a little constructive criticism, I can have tons of excited people following the same trustworthy leaders at my disposal; people who will interact with me and my online traffic business. What needs to be accepted by anyone who is considering this business, is that it’s still a very young industry and MUST center around traffic, until the knowledge about the kinds of tools necessary to build an online business becomes more commonplace. Til every aspiring online business owner knows that an auto responder is a necessary online business tool, we will continue to promote them and follow the guidelines of people who understand their importance the most.

Although this is a very “type specific” industry, (meaning specific tools are absolutely necessary) there can also be room for the growth of it. I may not want to sell a car in a TE, but what about my specific niche; like perhaps blogging, growing an email list or tracking your links? 3 of our TE’s have site categorization, which can be helpful as we have more members promoting specific types of online products or services. The standard of Evergreen products should be fostered by The TE industry as well. There are too many services that are here today, but gone tomorrow. There are millions of people out there attempting to start businesses online, who really don’t know what they’re doing. They can fool you too. They often have no grasp on the concept of building a list and keeping in touch with it. So they puff up and spend more money, thinking the beauty of their site will magically bring in millions of new members, pulling out their wallets and throwing money at them. It’ll never work.

Until we learn that we MUST be recognized as a brand by the people we know and like, as well as the people we don’t know, we will not earn consistently online. People must trust us and we MUST provide them with information or services that REALLY help them to start prospering online. We also need to give them direction and help them not get distracted, while being careful to just skip over people who are NOT serious. Many of them may think they are serious, but at the end of the day, they don’t surf, they don’t invest and they DON’T build their list…and if they ARE building it, they’re making the horrible error of NOT growing interacting with it. This is where the rubber meets the road friends. Many of us are not good at writing emails, but we could certainly write a blog post and connect the feed to our list. This allows us to communicate with them everyday.

But all of this coincides with the need to interact and generate traffic in a variety of ways, targeting specific interests. Sure a person selling chicken coops could sell them in a TE if he tried really hard; but my interest is in people who have a legitimate online product or service to sell, or who are looking for more ways to have fun and make money online. TE sales are on the rise and could become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the monopolization of cyberspace. TE’s could become more social, more commonplace, more fun and more profitable for everyday people. There have been many social networks that tried to monetize the social networking industry, only to fall victim to the unfair advantage the most common social nets have over everyone else.

No, I don’t think Google is too concerned about becoming a threat, but I also don’t think they see what a rival over 100,000 TE owners could be if they start giving people more reasons to frequent their sites and interact with their members. I think there’s much potential for entrepreneurs to finally take back the internet, or at least a fair slice of it for once.

Traffic Exchanges Explained

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Are you selling online? Do it FREE!!! If you can look at someone else’s website, then yours can be seen too. Traffic Exchanges provide you with the fun opportunity of viewing websites, text ads and banner ads to get your sites and ads seen too. All you do is join free, log-in, click “surf now” and you’re on your way. You’ll be prompted to click matching images, in order to move from one website view to the next. As you look at sites you accumulate traffic credits, so others will be viewing your site as well. Depending on what exchange you join, the hit ratio may be 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1. This means that you view X number of sites and your site gets seen once. 1:1 ratio is usually an upgraded feature in most exchanges.

As you become proficient at surfing you can surf multiple exchanges by using tabbed surfing to increase your traffic simultaneously. It’s good to open 4 or 5 exchanges and surf them all together. Most exchanges will require you assign a percentage of your credits to your sites. The rest can be used for text ads and banners if that option is available. (usually it is) Also most TE’s are fitted with chat so you can associate with other surfers, learn about what they’re selling and make them into friends and contacts. A nice page can make anybody stop, but what follows after they sign up to your mailing list…or to the product you are promoting? You need to be sure that they are products that will stand the test of time.

These days people like to surf a lot once they get started, so you may find yourself competing with other business savvy marketers. I recommend this tool to keep up with other surfers, who are serious about getting their products and businesses seen. Traffic Browser is a tool specifically designed to help members surf traffic exchanges 10x faster. It allows you to gather badges, coins and jewels from gaming sites as well. Surfing is a fun way to sell online and build a business if you take it seriously. This can actually be difficult with so many fly by night businesses, but this industry is made up of owners, members and evergreen products that DO stand the test of time.

Your Place Is Your Brand

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When people think of making money online, they try to find a product that will, promote itself, do all the work and dump the profits off in their Paypal account. Kick Ass!! …Right? NO!!! Not a good format for getting people to visit your NON-EXISTENT business. We all need a brand if we want to succeed in the world of online business. Being an affiliate is no shameful thing. As a free member of most relevant traffic resources, you have the option of earning commissions as an affiliate, making a percentage of whatever money your referrals spend after joining under you. This is a system that even Wal-Mart uses. NO-BIGGY!!!

This is a hump people who consider themselves “small time” should get over completely. Do you think the people who write the free traffic tools you promote feel too small time to have you as their affiliate? I don’t think they do. Let’s consider a few things. If you want to promote just one product, with an automated email campaign and branded with your affiliate link, then what’s missing other than a place for friends and contacts to find your page and buy from you? Nothing and if it truly provides a service people can continue to count on, then they sky is the limit. You have no need for a website to make money online, but whatever you DO choose to promote, stick with it.

Online business can help you discover the freedom to do some of the other, perhaps offline endeavors you may be considering doing in your spare time. Residual profits are often helpful that way; and generating leads to your funnels can only help grow whatever it is you may be doing next “promotionally or otherwise”. What I say here is important, not because I want to extract cash outta the pockets of my readers, but because I know some of them pretty good and I would feel stupid if I sold them a lemon. It’s about leading them to Ever-Green Products and relevant info for proper usage of those products. So lets keep it real and thorough, so our facts are ever straight.

I know that when I lead people to my sites, I’ll also be leading them to people that I know and like and trust.

Making Contacts And Friends

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Traffic generation can seem intimidating, even to the long aspiring entrepreneur, who’s tried everything, wasted every dollar on every new thing and learned his lesson “so well”. There is still that daunting question of: “how” to turn contacts into product purchasing leads. It is not a question easily answered to the person who’s building the list of the owners of all his favorite traffic tools; instead of his own list. Furthermore, never being able to commit to one product, leaves him going no where in the over all picture. The person who approaches this from an impersonal level will fail. We are never successful as lone affiliates; it just doesn’t happen.

When I lost ProfitTrek, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I knew we could grow Wealth Builder Traffic at a surprising rate, with some innovative ideas, more valuable now than they may have been 10 to 15 years ago. Back-linking with other bloggers whom you like reading, can help friends find value in your brand, as well as in the brands of those you follow and share. I want people following me getting free tips and ideas to help them scale the web, without so many of the pitfalls. Sometimes it is necessary for the casual reader to keep reading a few posts before they judge their fellow bloggers. On the other hand, enduring friendships can truly get the message across.

With so many people setting the right example, no one need outshine the other. Albeit, when some ideas seem honest, innovative or even revolutionary, we express those ideas. Of course that’s not showing someone how we intend to implement those ideas, merely a possible foreshadow of “what I think” and how I intend to act as a result. As we know, what everyone thinks can ever be of a particularly professional interest, but what I think just could be the start of an innovative, new idea.