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Don’t Follow Anyone!

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When we First come Online, We look out for People who can help us, guide us, so we can start on our Journey of Making Money Online. Sadly, we all don’t get good Mentors or Sponsors who help us Grow.

Then we all come at a phase when we ask Ourselves, Who Should I Follow? Don’t Follow Anyone.

‘Long Timers Don’t Work’ – Most Experts Online advice to avoid long timers as they say it will prove to be a hindrance and will not let us surf many pages. If that’s the case, then how 2 of the most successful traffic exchanges have the longest timers.

EasyHits4u – Owned by Relmax, its one the Best Traffic Exchanges, it just reached a Landmark of 1 Million Members and growing each day. It has the longest of timers 20 seconds and is still growing despite long timers. It gives cash 0.30 for surfing 1000 pages and also has Splash Page Creator, Rotator even for Free Members.

Traffic Monsoon – Owned By Charles Scoville, it’s a mix of PTC and Traffic Exchange, we get ptc ads daily called Cash Links, and we earn 100% of our Referral Cash Links, to quality for earning we need to surf minimum 10 pages daily in Traffic Exchange it also has 20 second timer. It also offers 110% cashback on advertising package purchases. The site is really gaining in popularity as its Alexa Global Rank has reached 1011.

‘Don’t Promote Every Other Launch’ – Another Advice many Experts Online give is don’t jump and start promoting every other launch, which is very True in a sense but then I also Wonder Why is my inbox flooded with mails whenever a new site launches from the experts to join them in new Launch?

‘Paid or Pro Sites Don’t Work’ – Most of the sites today are Free to Join, so we can join as Free Members and upgrades are optional and many People too also advice that Pro Sites do not Work. Now most part of any Online Marketers Income does not come from Surfing it’s the income which is contributed by Referral Purchases, that’s the Reason why each site encourages members to upgrade. So how can sites where eventually all active members are Upgraded will not be good. All these pro sites have a great potential to earn you a monthly Residual Income.

Few of these Sites which are really Successful.

Quality Pro4u – Owned by Josh Abbott, it one of the least expensive pro sites, $5 one time Lifetime Pro upgrade and 100% commissions from our Referrals. Another beauty of the site is surf only 25 pages daily and our Referral Link is included in Rotator so we also qualify for Random Referrals.

Admaster Plus – Owned by John Bell, He is One of the most respected Traffic Exchange Owners. It’s one the best Paid Sites. The Site has more than 30k members and has already paid out more than $90k in Commissions.

Shockwave Traffic – Owned by Eric Goettman, Its backed by Great Owner, Site offers upto 75% Commissions and Earn $1.25 for surfing 250 pages every 10 Days. It also has CTP Badges.

Still new sites but have great potential as backed by Great Owners.

Pro Surf 100 – Owned by Randy Howard, it’s site with a Unique Concept, we just need to Surf 100 pages once every week and all our sites are active for Whole Week.

Traffic Muscles – Owned by Thomas Sheets, It offers upto 75% Commissions and Earn $1 for surfing 250 pages every 10 Days. It also has CTP Badges, Daily Rewards etc.

Custom Hits – Owned by Ghislain Poirier, Its with unique Customizable options, each month we get a point and with it we can choose of increase Our Commission ratio, or Surf Ratio or Referral credits or Monthly Credits and each change is for Life. Upgrades are very affordable at $1.45 per month.

‘Don’t Bribe for Referrals’ – Another Great Advice all experts give us are Don’t Bribe and get Referrals as most of them don’t work, as they only joined for Bribe. Then why each other TE Owner ask his members to join a site under him under name of ‘Site of the Week’ or get free Credits, Banners, etc etc. If all these members are not going to work on new site, why would an Owner try to bribe these members when they don’t work?

The Simple Reason, each and every Person Online is here to Earn Money, take people’s advice, but Don’t Follow Anyone Blindly, and always try to use your Brains. It’s not that each one is Wrong, but they share their experiences, their own notions about things, their beliefs, they may be true to them but not for Everybody. “The Only Limits You Have, are the Limits You Believe”. We need to device our own methods and our own Strategies which work for us.

Don’t Follow Anyone Blindly even Me.

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