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Traffic Monsoon – A Great Mix of PTC and Traffic Exchange with Revenue Share.

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Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon – Owned by Charles Scoville, it’s a site which has PTC with Traffic Exchange and Revenue Share all in One.

Paid to Click (PTC) – Even as free member you can earn $ 0.10 every day with paid to click ads or cash links. It’s one of the high paying PTC Sites at the moment. The Cash Links are updated every hours so you can check 2-3 times in a day to get more ads.

Traffic Exchange – Its one of the few sites with long timer of 20 Seconds, as free member you get 0.5 credits for each site view. Surfing can be a pain sometimes not due to long timers but due to more clicks per page, as after clicking the matching icon, we need to click “next site” button to go to the next site. But all that pain for surfing is worthwhile as the results from Traffic Monsoon are pretty good. Its got great Alexa Rankings. Its also got CTP Badges and also in Badge Mastery.

Upgrade – The Best part about Upgrades in Traffic Monsoon is that any purchase you make even $1 ads will upgrade your Account for Lifetime and your Credit Ratio will increase to 1 Credit per View from 0.5 credits per view.

100% Referral Earning – We don’t earn any credits from Referral Surfing, but we earn 100% of Referral Earnings of their Cash Links, we just need to surf minimum 10 pages in Traffic Exchange which will make our Status as Active for 24 Hrs and during that 24 Hrs any Referral Clicks for Cash Links will earn us 100%, same amount as our Referral Earns. Awesome.

We also earn 10% on Referral’s Ad pack Purchases. For Example, if a Referral buys $50 Adpack we instantly get $5.

Revenue Share – Personally I never believed in such sites and always stayed away from such sites, joined Traffic Monsoon mainly for Traffic. It also sells Adpacks which give 10% profits. You can purchase an Adpack for $50 and you get an active Sharing Position and Revenues from the Site are shared with you every Day till you earn $55 (10% Profit). You also get 1000 ad credits plus 20 Guaranteed Banner Clicks too with each Ad Pack.

Revenue Share Model – You get 1000 ad Credits and 20 Guaranteed Banner Clicks, if you buy them separately, 1000 ad credits are available at $5.95 and 20 Banner Clicks are available at $5 so for each Adpack which you purchase at $50 you get advertising value of $10.95 and return of $55.

Is it worth to Pay $39.05 more? This is the Crux of the Revenue Share Model and this is what Makes Traffic Monsoon Unique and Stable. As you purchase the Ad Pack you get Sharing Position and this is the Money which gets shared between the Active Shared Position Members. Currently the approx daily average earning per adpack is around $1 so you can earn 10% cashback on your investment in around 55 days.

So, with every Adpack you invest at $50 you not only get $10.95 worth of Advertising you also earn $55 (10% Profit) back in around 55 days so making profit of $5.

Safety – Common issues faced by many users is their accounts being blocked its due to same ip address safety measure used by site to avoid duplication of accounts. You are only allowed to have single account per i.p. address, but its temporary suspension, when you login from different ip address your account gets unblocked.

Scam or Legit – Generally the Revenue Share sites cannot be Trusted, but Traffic Monsoon has been around for more than a Year, its Paying Regularly to its Members. I cannot Guarantee it will not turn into scam as in case of any other site Online, but can say its Safe to work with site, as the Owner is roaming around the World doing Seminars and bringing awareness about the Site. If he wants to do a Scam, why will he roam around the World and Promote his Site and bring in new Members?

Verdict – Traffic Monsoon can be used for Traffic Exchange and Cash Links, as even as Free members you can easily earn $0.10 daily and great traffic results which the site is generating due to huge member base. Only Purchase Revenue Share Ad Packs if you can take the Risk otherwise it’s a Great Site to work as Traffic Exchange and PTC.

You Can Join Traffic Monsoon for Free By Clicking Here

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New Season – More Engaging and More Competitive.

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CTP Teams new Season 4 started few weeks ago, if you have been part of the previous seasons you might feel that its only a play for few teams and rest of the teams just go through the motions, but you may be wrong this time around, the new Season is with new concept which is more involving and more competitive than before.

This Season, 2 different Teams play against each other for 24 hrs, Team duels are not only for Collecting most XP, it can be for collecting most Badges, collecting most vaults, Golden Eggs or Bombs, unlike the Previous Seasons where we only had to Collect XP which was heavily in favor of Kore4 upgraded members (they earn 4 times more XP than Free members) and Teams who could spend more on XP. With these new concept each team is on level playing field as your upgrade status or deep pockets might not help you Win in case you have to surf and Collect Badges or Vaults or Eggs, in that terms this Season with new Concept had made even Smaller Teams very Competitive or at least brought them to Level Playing Field and brought in new life to the CTP Team Contests.

The Best part of the Team Duels is that it lasts for a Day, i.e 24 hrs, and Teams also get few off days when there are no duels scheduled for the Respective Teams so that the Members can recharge the Batteries to get ready for next duel, feel this is very Refreshing Change. You also come to know about the kind of Duel only when it Starts, we know about the Schedule but not the kind of Duel we will get.

This Special Duels for a Day also makes you learn so much more in detail about each aspect, like I have been doing Nerd Surfing, Vaults and Bombs since an Year, still learned many new things about them during the specific contests from my Team Members. We may be doing certain things and think we know it but when we Specifically concentrate on only a Single Task, then we realize there is lot more to it even though me may be doing it Regularly. That’s what is Growing Each Day.

My Team Wealth Builders, is going Fantastic this Season, we have won 8 Duels out of 9 and Currently 4th on the Team Rankings. Great Going Team.

Wishing Happy Diwali to all my Friends, we are celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights, on 11th November. Hope you all have a Wonderful Time during this Festive Week with Family, Fire Crackers and Sweets. Be Safe.

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Are You Ready?

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A New Season of CTP Teams is starting from Tomorrow 26th Oct, the teams are locked this time and if you have not joined a team yet, you might miss all the fun being on a team this season.

Last Season saw some controversies and they are bound to happen as its part and parcel of every business or whenever money is involved. One Thing People need to understand that its Business and CTP, run by Tim Tech is a Business entity, they are also in here to make money for a Living and Run their Business. Instead, We should always be more Interested in how can we make the most of such Competitions.

There are always gonna be 2 types of Players which we will see during the Competitions. First Group of TE Owners/Spenders the people who can and will spend money to earn XP or to promote there sites and Second Group are gonna be the Surfers. Both as different groups of people are Important. We have big cash prizes due to First Group as they spend money so we have big prizes and if second group of surfers don’t get involved in the competitions, don’t surf and get involved in various promotions, there is no competition, no one would spend. So, that’s why both the groups of people are very important.

The First Group of people will buy XP or earn them by buying stuff to promote their sites.

So if you are a Normal Surfer and don’t want to spend money to buy XP then how to make most of the Competition?

CTP is a Great Online Community, it has more than 148k members, the first and foremost thing we can do is socializing and making some friends in the community, getting to know people around us how they work and also learning from them on how to grow your Online Business and Earn More. Its one of the most helpful communities I have personally come across don’t shy away from talking to people and even asking for help.

Our Team, Each team will have upto 25 members, get to know your Team Members, while working as a unit, you can also learn team playing and you can also make 24 new friends for Life. Each team has team chat at any of the Timtech Exchanges so you can chat with your teammates while surfing and even other members who are surfing and most teams have there own skype rooms, you can talk to your teammates get to know them and make friends with them and even learn from them how they go about their business. I have learned many tips and tricks from our team skype rooms during previous seasons, as the season progress the bonding will grow stronger and believe me Group Members can be Our Best Mentors for our Online Business.

CTP always brings in lots of activity to the sites which are taking part in Daily Challenge, Vaults and Bombs. So if you surf at these sites which are having promotions you can get lots of eyeballs to your own promotions and which can get your good referrals and give a boost to your online business. You can have a Question? What’s the Guarantee of Activity, these promotions are not free, the Site Owners pay Tim Tech for these promotions, so if they would not be getting good or even decent amount of activity they would not be spending on them again and again.

It also has a great fun game element with all the different types of badges we can collect, it has various goodies to be collected, game cards to be filled, you can also arrange some competitions with your groups of friends like who gets most badges in a day or different sorts of mini competitions for fun, to make your surfing activity a bit cheerful as end of the day no one wants to become a Surfing Robot only Clicking and Clicking the whole day and get bored to Death. These mini competitions among friends can also stretch you a bit for a win and can also bring the Best Out of You.

If you only love surfing for Cash and care less for other stuff then you can go after bombs, complete submarine card by collecting all 4 bombs and you can win some cash rewards and also promote your own sites.

Its up to an Individual how he makes use of the Opportunity or System, there are different ways we can utilize them and its up to you how you wanna use them. Always Remember, Only one Team can Win but that does not means that others teams cannot utilize the system and get some good results from it. In the End don’t forget, its only a Game.

So, are you Ready to Play the Game.

My CTP Team is “Wealth Builders”, Best of Luck.

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3 Dimensional View

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Most of the Problems arise due to the fact that most of us do not realize that there is always 3 sides to everything. Be it the Business or anything else.

First, is the View we have of our Site or Business.

Second, is the view of our Customers or Members about our Site or Business.

Third, what actually our Site or Business Is.

Personal Views“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve”

Our Personal View about our Site and Business, is one of the First Steps towards our Success, if you Yourself are not confident of your Site, not promoting it or not using it, than how can you expect other people to be Promoting Your Site.

Being Confident, Positive is one thing and Being Arrogant, Brash another, so we should always try to be Confident and Positive but don’t let that in making us Arrogant.

Views of Others“A Difference of Opinion is what Makes our World Colorful”

Most Important Views that Matter are the Views of our Customers or Members, What they think about our Site? If a Member does not think Highly or Good about our Site, there is a most likely chance that nor will he use our Site and nor will he promote our Site. We can know their views by interacting with them regularly, but this method has its own Risks. If you cannot evaluate the opinions of your members according to their ability and experience or you accept everything as suggested it can be very damaging too and if you cannot take constructive criticism, opinions or are easily offended better don’t ask for opinion from others.

Reality“We can’t keep People from having a Bad Opinion of us, but we can keep them from being Right about it.”

This is the Gap we can say is what people think we are, and Actually what our Site is. We can easily coincide this Gap if we are a bit self analytical about our Site or keep taking views from our Members Regularly. It can be both ways, like Members don’t know how good we are or our Members feel us to be much better than what we really are. If the members don’t know how good we are then we need to evaluate our marketing strategies, we need to change them, start communicating the things which makes you feel what the members don’t know about your site which you feel will result in better opinions and success. Other way round, if members think about us much better than we are, it’s actually a blessing in disguise, that our members are expecting much high standards from us and we should try to match their expectations and we can improve to the level our members already believe we have.

That’s what I think is the 3 D View, we shall all keep in mind while promoting our Business.

Here is a Simple Technique which may help you to Judge people –

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool – Leave him.

He who knows not, and knows that he knows not is simple – Teach him.

He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep – Wake him.

He who knows, and knows that he knows is wise – Follow him.

You got an Opinion? Do share, would love to Hear from all of You.

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Downline Builders – Silently Building Downlines

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your business

Every TE has its own Downline Builder with some selected programs, so do we really need separate Downline Builders? Are they useful?

I Myself till recently was guilty of not filling up the Downline Builder in most TE’s and like Me most of us hardly bother to fill out the Downline Builder’s in TE’s, as it’s an option we get and not the main purpose as we know TE’s main purpose is Surfing and we do that Regularly, so if there is a program I join and its specifically for Building Downlines at multiple sites working as my own Sales Funnel, I will definitely fill up the Downline Builder as it’s the main purpose of the site, that’s where the Downline Builder’s come in. Not every member who joins in will work as our 80-90% results come from only 10-20% of our Referrals, who take action that’s what people call as 80-20 or 90-10 Principle. The member taking action or working on site will fill out his details and join the sites he is not a member of hence giving us a Downline Member at Multiple Sites from a Single Referral.

Its also better to promote a Downline Builder than each Individual Site we want to promote, as it will require much less effort on our part to give us better results as a Single Referral can result in Referral at many other sites too, to get that Referral at each site promoting them individually would also mean lot more of advertising efforts and time, so it makes a lot of sense to promote a Downline Builder and it also works Silently as I don’t have to promote each site listed inside it. It works as our Sales Funnel, silently promoting the sites inside it and building our Downlines in sites.

First Step, is filling up the Downline Builder in the site we are promoting otherwise we will be building our Sponsor or Site Owner’s Business and not Our Own.

The Downline Builders, I love are

Click Track Profit – Owned by Tim Tech, its requires no introduction, CTP had revolutionized the TE Industry with introduction of CTP XP Badges, which really changed the way we surf, Surfers love to hunt or collect the Badges. It also has wonderful Training which can help us in our Online Marketing. It also works as a Great Downline Builder as it has our links in Training Steps, of course only if we have filled them in.

Traffic Profit Pro – Owned by John Bell, it has a wonderful training program, which is a must for every TE surfer, which makes you learn great things and how to earn from TE’s. John Bell has shared all his experiences, he has gained from Successfully some of the Best Sites around like Traffic Swirl, Explosive Traffic, Ad Master Plus etc. It has Weekly Promoter, Referral and Sales Competitions, we can also build our downlines in the sites in the Weekly Promoter Contest.

Zubee Downlines – Owned by Grant Thompson. Introduction of Zubee Coins, is the next best thing to happen in TE Industry after CTP Badges, Surfers really love to collect the Zubee Coins as they can be exchanged for Cash and other Prizes. Zubee Downlines helps us to build downlines in all the sites having Zubee Coins.

Commission Scoop – Owned By Lynn M, it lists some of the best programs in the industry with TE’s, Mailers, Hosting, Design, Coops, etc it’s a great site in building downlines at various multiple sites.

Affiliate Funnel – Owned by Paul Kinder and Troy Wray, it’s a Downline builder to all the Best TE’s around it has 150+ sites listed in its Downline builder. It only lists the sites which has more than 1000 members. It also gives weekly Ranking for sites listed voted by Surfers and also provides stats for the New Signups in each TE. Check out the Latest Ranking Report.

TE Command Post – Owned by Paul Kinder. Its home of Commando Surf which hosts many TE’s to give upto 35% bonus credits when doing Commando Surf. It has 400+ TE’s listed in the Downline Builder. It also has weekly ranking for TE’s.

Traffic Browser – Owned by David Eaton. It’s a wonderful Tool for Multiple Site Surfing and saves lots of time. It also works as Downline Builder for 450+ TE’s Currently Listed in it and regularly new TE’s are added to it.

There are many more but have not included them as they have not given me any good results.

Currently Badge Hunt is underway at CTP till 7th October, where top 75 Collectors will win Cash Prizes.

Today, a New TE is launching, Traffic Teams owned by Mark Fox, He is a Great Owner having many TE’s and Mailer’s.

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