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Online Traffic Business

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I think the most exciting thing I’ve learned in this business is that I can lead followers to leaders. I don’t need to go this business alone and if I am willing to take a little constructive criticism, I can have tons of excited people following the same trustworthy leaders at my disposal; people who will interact with me and my online traffic business. What needs to be accepted by anyone who is considering this business, is that it’s still a very young industry and MUST center around traffic, until the knowledge about the kinds of tools necessary to build an online business becomes more commonplace. Til every aspiring online business owner knows that an auto responder is a necessary online business tool, we will continue to promote them and follow the guidelines of people who understand their importance the most.

Although this is a very “type specific” industry, (meaning specific tools are absolutely necessary) there can also be room for the growth of it. I may not want to sell a car in a TE, but what about my specific niche; like perhaps blogging, growing an email list or tracking your links? 3 of our TE’s have site categorization, which can be helpful as we have more members promoting specific types of online products or services. The standard of Evergreen products should be fostered by The TE industry as well. There are too many services that are here today, but gone tomorrow. There are millions of people out there attempting to start businesses online, who really don’t know what they’re doing. They can fool you too.¬†They often have no grasp on the concept of building a list and keeping in touch with it. So they puff up and spend more money, thinking the beauty of their site will magically bring in millions of new members, pulling out their wallets and throwing money at them. It’ll never work.

Until we learn that we MUST be recognized as a brand by the people we know and like, as well as the people we don’t know, we will not earn consistently online. People must trust us and we MUST provide them with information or services that REALLY help them to start prospering online. We also need to give them direction and help them not get distracted, while being careful to just skip over people who are NOT serious. Many of them may think they are serious, but at the end of the day, they don’t surf, they don’t invest and they DON’T build their list…and if they ARE¬†building it, they’re making the horrible error of NOT growing and interacting with it. This is where the rubber meets the road friends. Many of us are not good at writing emails, but we could certainly write a blog post and connect the feed to our list. This allows us to communicate with them everyday.

But all of this coincides with the need to interact and generate traffic in a variety of ways, targeting specific interests. Sure a person selling chicken coops could sell them in a TE if he tried really hard; but my interest is in people who have a legitimate online product or service to sell, or who are looking for more ways to have fun and make money online. TE sales are on the rise and could become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the monopolization of cyberspace. TE’s could become more social, more commonplace, more fun and more profitable for everyday people. There have been many social networks that tried to monetize the social networking industry, only to fall victim to the unfair advantage the most common social nets have over everyone else.

No, I don’t think Google is too concerned about the-wealth-builder.com becoming a threat, but I also don’t think they see what a rival over 100,000 TE owners could be if they start giving people more reasons to frequent their sites and interact with their members. I think there’s much potential for entrepreneurs to finally take back the internet, or at least a fair slice of it for once.