Traffic Exchanges Explained

Are you selling online? Do it FREE!!! If you can look at someone else’s website, then yours can be seen too. Traffic Exchanges provide you with the fun opportunity of viewing websites, text ads and banner ads to get your sites and ads seen too. All you do is join free, log-in, click “surf now” and you’re on your way. You’ll be prompted to click matching images, in order to move from one website view to the next. As you look at sites you accumulate traffic credits, so others will be viewing your site as well. Depending on what exchange you join, the hit ratio may be 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1. This means that you view X number of sites and your site gets seen once. 1:1 ratio is usually an upgraded feature in most exchanges.

As you become proficient at surfing you can surf multiple exchanges by using tabbed surfing to increase your traffic simultaneously. It’s good to open 4 or 5 exchanges and surf them all together. Most exchanges will require you assign a percentage of your credits to your sites. The rest can be used for text ads and banners if that option is available. (usually it is) Also most TE’s are fitted with chat so you can associate with other surfers, learn about what they’re selling and make them into friends and contacts. A nice page can make anybody stop, but what follows after they sign up to your mailing list…or to the product you are promoting? You need to be sure that they are products that will stand the test of time.

These days people like to surf a lot once they get started, so you may find yourself competing with other business savvy marketers. I recommend this tool to keep up with other surfers, who are serious about getting their products and businesses seen. Traffic Browser is a tool specifically designed to help members surf traffic exchanges 10x faster. It allows you to gather badges, coins and jewels from gaming sites as well. Surfing is a fun way to sell online and build a business if you take it seriously. This can actually be difficult with so many fly by night businesses, but this industry is made up of owners, members and evergreen products that DO stand the test of time.

About Paul Germana

I am Owner Of Wealth Builder Traffic. I want you to be able to sell your products at our Traffic Exchanges.