Making Contacts And Friends

Traffic generation can seem intimidating, even to the long aspiring entrepreneur, who’s tried everything, wasted every dollar on every new thing and learned his lesson “so well”. There is still that daunting question of: “how” to turn contacts into product purchasing leads. It is not a question easily answered to the person who’s building the list of the owners of all his favorite traffic tools; instead of his own list. Furthermore, never being able to commit to one product, leaves him going no where in the over all picture. The person who approaches this from an impersonal level will fail. We are never successful as lone affiliates; it just doesn’t happen.

When I lost ProfitTrek, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I knew we could grow Wealth Builder Traffic at a surprising rate, with some innovative ideas, more valuable now than they may have been 10 to 15 years ago. Back-linking with other bloggers whom you like reading, can help friends find value in your brand, as well as in the brands of those you follow and share. I want people following me getting free tips and ideas to help them scale the web, without so many of the pitfalls. Sometimes it is necessary for the casual reader to keep reading a few posts before they judge their fellow bloggers. On the other hand, enduring friendships can truly get the message across.

With so many people setting the right example, no one need outshine the other. Albeit, when some ideas seem honest, innovative or even revolutionary, we express those ideas. Of course that’s not showing someone how we intend to implement those ideas, merely a possible foreshadow of “what I think” and how I intend to act as a result. As we know, what everyone thinks can ever be of a particularly professional interest, but what I think just could be the start of an innovative, new idea.

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