I am Not in the Mood!

Hope Everyone had Great Holidays. Its Monday again time to go back to work, but we are still in Holiday Hangover and Not in the Mood to work.

Imagine, going to a Doctor in Emergency and he says I am not in the Mood, going for a Concert and Musician/Artist saying I am not in the Mood or a Sportsmen having a game on Boxing Day saying He is still in Holiday Spirit and Not in the Mood to Play. Will their conduct be acceptable? No. Because they are answerable to People and Live In Public Life. We may not be answerable to People nor in Public Life, but we are Still Answerable to ourselves, we may be working Online, Its our Business.

Waiting for our Mood to get Right, it Robs us of Invaluable time we lose and eventually Robs us of Success, no matter what Job we do. We all have 24 hrs in a day and every hour needs to be used well. We Envy the Achievements of Great People but forget that in their time, they never waited for their mood to get Right, “Come What May” they always get on with their work, Rain, Winter or Summer, it never mattered to them.

Many People use excuse “I am not in the Mood” by saying, “Job is not worth Doing”. They wait for important jobs to come along, but the fact is “The Big Jobs they Yearn to do and Small Jobs they Spurn to do, they Actually do Nothing”. Waiting for Right Job to come your way or Waiting for Right Mood to come along, is nothing but excuse for Laziness. Take the small jobs as they come and the Bigger Ones will surely follow.

Even when you are not in mood, go to your Job and Start Working, may be first few minutes you may be slow, but slowly things will be smooth and Mood Will be On. Try It Yourself.

So Roll up your Sleeves and Get Back to Work. Don’t Look for an alibi to cover up your Laziness. Wise men only looks for One Rest – the Eternal One.

The path to Oblivion is marked with “I am Not in the Mood” and those who follow it Never Achieve Success or Happiness.

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8 thoughts on “I am Not in the Mood!

  1. Carla Frey

    What a great and timely message! I must admit that in the online marketing arena, the temptation to wait til later, or til the right time can be very real. After all, we are either a “I want it now” or “I’ll do it later, I’m too busy” society at times. Thanks for the gentle reminder to get back to work and do it anyway!

  2. Mona

    I also love this message and it is so true. You nailed it Rahul. Happy New Year to all Wealth Builders and to all of humanity. God Bless.

  3. Barbara DelGiudice

    Hi Rahul this is an awesome post! This is so true with so many people. People saying, “I am not in the mood” is just another way to say, “I am too lazy to do anything.”

    If I never did anything when I wasn’t in the mood, nothing would get done at all. I do things to help myself feel better and feel more accomplished at things. I have suffered from depression all of my life, and I have had to make myself do almost everything. I get tired allot, too. I have had chronic Hepatitis C for 40 years and didn’t even know it. It is kind of a sneaky disease you don’t know you have until many years go by and you start to feel really lousy.

    I feel better when I am done doing something, and accomplishing something. And I make myself exercise when I don’t feel like it unless I am really ill with a fever or something or if I fall asleep. That is my body saying I have to rest. So here I am at 62 years old and have had to make myself do everything all of my life, and I learn to enjoy what I am doing.

    I am not meaning to brag, but want you to see a lesson here. If I can make myself do things when I don’t feel good and get them done, then so can allot of other people. I am now taking treatment for Hepatitis C and it makes me tired also. So here again I have to make myself do my work, as much as I can and make myself exercise as much as I can. I have been taking ballet classes for 20 years and love it! And I feel better after I go and do as much class as I can.

    So if I can do it, so can allot of other people. Right!

    1. Rahul Taneja Post author

      Thanks Barbara. You are a Source of Inspiration to all of Us. Happy New Year and Hope this New Year Brings You more Joy and Better Health.

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