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One Day at a Time

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“Spending Today, Complaining about Yesterday Won’t Make our Tomorrow any Better”

We all have many Goals in Life, we have our Dreams/Ambitions and to reach those Goals and to be Successful, the most important factor is Planning. Our Success in Life depends on our Plans. If we have our plans ready in advance then carrying them out becomes easy.
Just Imagine, can a house be build without a Plan? Our Lives are much more complicated than building a House yet we drift from one day to another without any Plans.
It does not matter how Big or Small your Goals are, either we can Complain about all the Stuff which could have been done Yesterday or Dream all the things we want to achieve Tomorrow or A day which we can do Something, i.e. Today. Today is Day we are concerned about its the Day of Action.

Blinkers – To make most of Today, we should wear Blinkers. We all know Blinkers (eye-screens) are worn by Horses to prevent them from being distracted or frightened by movements of others. We also need to wear “Blinkers” in order to fix our attention to work only for Today.
Why we need to do this, because There are 2 days than can always distract us.
First is ‘Yesterday’. Yesterday is Gone and Gone for Ever, we might have done mistakes, but its gone and beyond our Control we cannot do anything.
Second is ‘Tomorrow’. Tomorrow has Hopes, Possibilities and Promises but still its beyond our Control. Only thing certain about Tomorrow is that Sun will rise, but to make it Better we need to work Today.
This leaves us to only One Day ‘Today’. Life would be much easier and success more certain if we can concentrate all our Energies and attention to Today. It’s just because we add the burdens of Yesterday and Worries of Tomorrow which does not let us concentrate on Today.
Planning for Today, for many of us even Today can be too much to cope up with. It has 24 hrs or 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. Lots of time that.

Budget Your Time – The Best way to Control Time is to Budget it, leaving out our Daily Routines, we can divide the rest of our Time in 3 slots, Before Lunch, After Lunch and After Tea(evening time), and try to plan the stuff we need to do today in these respective time slots.
We all have 24 hrs but successful people are able to fit in work of 26 hrs in 24 hrs, due to effective time management and planning. They don’t have extra time, they make it by following a time budget and cutting down Time Waste.

15 Minute Formula – I personally before starting my Work Day, give 15 minutes to planning and try to fill my to do list and divide my daily work in the 3 slots and after my work Day give another 15 minutes to what all I could achieve during the day.
Initially when I started it, I used to make hundreds of tasks in my to do list being highly optimistic, and then slowly I started to learn on how much I can stuff in a Day and then become more practical and then I realized the exact amount of work I can do.

When we realize the amount of work we can do then we can start Challenging ourselves by Slowly and Slowly increasing the amount of work in our to do lists. Then we start minimizing the Time Wastes in our Day and slowly our Productivity and Efficiency too Increases over time as Time Waste reduces.

Living “One Day at a Time”, doing what is required for ‘Today’, not regretting what has happened in Past and Worrying what will happen in Future. With every Sun Rise, we should Pray

“God, for Tomorrow and Its Needs, I do Not Pray;
Let me be Happy and Content , Just for Today!”

Now is the time to Start. Lets Plan for Today and Success is Ours.

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