Tracking Your Results

Suppose you get a Payment, but get no Details about who has send it to You, nor any details from which site it came. Now you either try to find out about it so you know where you earned it or can just enjoy that you earned some money without bothering from where you got it.

If you Choose Second Option, you really need to get Serious about your Online Business, if you are here Online for Hobby it does not matter, but if you are here Online to Make Money and Grow your Business, then Tracking is one of the most essential Things. When you do not even Know, from where are you Earning Money, then how will you focus on that Program or Site to earn even More or have no idea which of your Advertising Campaigns are Working and which are not. Which site in bringing in Referrals and which sites are giving no response to your ads, Unless you track you will have absolute no Answers to any of Your Questions!

Its not that you cannot Get Referrals or Earn Money without Tracking but you can focus more on Sites which are bringing you Results and Get even Better Results.

Ease of Use – A Tracking Program will give you its own url to promote instead of your Splash Page link as it tracks it, but another great benefit of trackers can be that when you want to change your ads as some might not be working over time or you want to promote a new one instead of old one, you just need to change the link in your tracker and it automatically updates everywhere you promote the tracker link, just imagine saving you Time and Labour to login at hundreds of TE’s and change the splash page link? Owned by Tim Tech, Its one of the Best Tracking Programs with lots of Advanced Tracking Options, its gives 30 days free trial and then its $9 monthly for unlimited trackers. Its very easy to get started with simple interface, advance tracking can take time to getting used to. We can also track Banners and use Banner Rotators too.

If you want to learn in depth about check out by Tom Wacker. It has great training videos.

Vital Viral Pro Owned by Troy Wray its another Great Tracker with many customizable and advanced tracking options. The Best thing I Personally love about it is that we can Personalize the Splash Page with a Personal Brander with Text Message and add a Text Ad and Banner Ad to each page we promote. It has 2 Levels, Platinum with 15 Urls at $5.97 monthly and Premium with unlimited urls at $9.97 monthly. You can also take Silver and Gold Upgrade by showing 500 and 1000 coop credits monthly for 5 & 10 Urls, and As Free Member you can Track 1 Url and Brand 10 Urls with a Single Rotator with 10 urls. It can take time getting used to as has many customize able options. It also has Banner Tracking and Banner Rotator options and we can also Create Splash Pages.

Cash Track Bar Owned by Steve Ayling, its only tracker with lifetime upgrade option with 2 Levels, Standard with $7 Lifetime Upgrade with tracking of 5 Urls and 1 Rotator, Second Upgraded Member with $27 Lifetime Upgrade which gives Lifetime tracking of 50 Links and 25 Rotators. Second Level can only be purchased in members area so you have to purchase Standard First. It has very limited options but does the work of tracking, think we cannot complain with lifetime upgrades.

Smart Url – Owned by Troy Wray and Darren Olander, just launched some time ago, its nothing more than a clone of Vital Viral Pro with different design and a bit of less features and more expensive, it has 2 levels Pro at $11.97 monthly and ultimate at $17.97 both with unlimited url, just ultimate having more options.

Quality Pro4u – Owned by Josh Abbott, we all know its Pro Only Traffic Exchange with $5 lifetime upgrade, but it also gives basic level of tracking options, we can track 50 urls and 1 rotator.

Coop Mg – Owned by Randy Howard, its Traffic Exchange, Co Op, and also gives very basic tracking options, if you don’t want to spend money and are looking for totally free option, its good but very basic level, it tracks 50 urls and 1 Rotator.

Eat My Clicks – Owned by Grant Thomson, just recently launched, Upgrade at $2.50 monthly and track 50 urls and 10 rotators, as free user you can do basic tracking of 10 urls. Not used much, detail review only after some experimenting but looks good.

If you are looking for Easy to Use Simple Interface go for, if you want lots of Customization Options and want to Brand your Pages and add Banner and Text Ad go for Vital Viral Pro, these two are the best advanced level trackers, if you are tight on money than go for Cash Track Bar or Quality Pro4u they are good for basic level tracking with lifetimes and looking for a totally free option don’t want to spend use Coop Mg.

Keep Tracking.

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4 thoughts on “Tracking Your Results

  1. Mahesh G

    Great Post Rahul, detailing some of the good tracking services available out there.
    As the 80/20 principles states, 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your prospects, knowing from where this 20% comes is imperative. So, tracking your results is indispensable part of Network marketing.

  2. Ken Wolff

    Thanks for the post on tracking Rahul! Your very first tag is CTP (Click Track Profit). Isn’t that what we are all about? CTP keeps track of their members activities giving points (eXperience Points) based on the value of what you do. Of all the trackers that you mentioned … only will get you points every time you use it. Keeping track of what you do is so important…do more of what is working for you and less of what is not.

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