I Wanna be Billionaire Over Night!!!

Who does not want to be the next Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg? When we come Online, Most of us think, we will make money overnight and without Hard Work. If that’s what you are thinking too, then I have some bad news for you, this Industry does not suit you, Buying a Lottery will.

We only see one side of their Story, their Success, but forget to reach this stage, they also had to do Lots and Lots of Hard Work for Years, Keep Patience, Overcome Failures and above all have Passion for their Work. Passion is one Force, which keeps us going, even if we don’t know our Work, but it’s a Driving Force which will result in Success. Similar way, to earn some good money, we too need to work hard, give our Online Business some Time, Being Positive and having Passion for our Work.

Quick Rich Programs – We will come across, lots and lots of pages which will tell us that we can get Rich Quick and Over Night and without any Hard Work with Success. In my earlier days, I used to get attracted to lots of these programs and got scammed too many times. That’s lesson learned hard way. But, I developed a Strategy of Wait, Think and Act before Joining any such Programs.

Wait – Its natural to be really excited while coming across some page like these which make really tall claims, but instead of jumping the gun and joining, Wait and look at all the details carefully. And Never Ever Believe the tall payment claims as in Today’s World, Photoshop is very handy tool to edit anything, so don’t get fooled by everything. I don’t say all claims are Wrong, but we need to be cautious.

Think – What we earn is part of the Income, we make for the Owner. Can the Owner share that much money with us, with such little Investment we make and do Nothing? Why would anyone share his money with us, for doing Nothing? Why would a Person making thousands of Dollars every day or week as these claims usually are will not have his Name or Gravatar on these Pages? Why does the site not declare who the Owner of the Program is, what he/she has to hide? A Person can only share a Business Opportunity with us, but why he will share the Formula which is making him lots of money, he would be enjoying life and keep earning money, than sharing that Formula?

Act – If we get answers to most of the questions we have in mind and are satisfied that the Program and Owner are Good and Genuine, we can join it.

Sign Up Bonus – Nowadays, most sites give some small incentive to join a site, which is a very good Start as we get started with some cash, even before working on the site, but that does not means its a Scam. It’s just an incentive for joining a site.

Personalization – One thing which can really make us stand out and even make people believe is when they Know Us. It will only happen when we tell them our Name. Many sites have personal banners and splash pages, which are pretty better converting than regular splash pages as the viewer of the ad can connect with the ad as he knows who is promoting it. There are also tools which help us to create our own splash pages and banners like Adkreator, Brand a Splash, Brand Me Tool and Instant Banner Creator. These tools help us to customize our pages and banners and make it look different than the rest. When people see your Name and Image or Logo again and again they start to recognize you in their subconscious mind. First few times people might just not recognize or ignore, but slowly over the period of time people will start to recognize you and that’s when you start to build your own Personal Brand and that’s when people will start to Trust you and they have seen you for long enough and recognize you. That’s always differentiates you from random bots as people will recognize you as a person behind this advertisement.

This Personal Brand Building will be a huge boost down the line.

Social Media – Today social media can play a huge role in building relationships with people and building our brand. Its very essential to use Twitter and Skype to build your contacts and relationships. Join me on skype and twitter – rockyjohnson999.

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Looking forward for a better Tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “I Wanna be Billionaire Over Night!!!

  1. Vanda Strange

    Enjoyed reading your article and the points your mention on “Wait, Think and Act” are steps we should all become familar with online. Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

  2. Michael Bhiya

    As I was reading the post, I was just nodding all the way… I just thought to myself, If I had know this earlier, I would saved me some heartaches…LOL! Great Post.. I loooove it!

    1. Rahul Taneja Post author

      Thanks Michael. We all have some heartaches, that’s part of the journey. But important thing is we keep going.

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