My Online Journey started less than a Year ago. Initial few months had no Idea what I was doing, but as had no idea, tried to learn things. I joined many sites, PTC Sites, clicked ads whole day, but earned a few cents, then I came across Traffic Exchanges, met many people, who helped me lot on understanding how to earn Online. Few only wanted me to join their programs and upgrade, but there were really Few Good People who really made me understand how to earn Online. I am still learning new things every day, but I am indebted to all these Friends who helped me Understand how to earn Online. I started this blog to share my experiences with people and share my experience on how to start earning Online.

This is the Core behind the Wealth Builder Group, We want people to Grow and Earn. There is no joy better in this World than helping someone Grow. That’s what Ms. Evelyn Kramer and Mr. Paul Germana, the Heart of Wealth Builder Group believe in and helped me Grow too.

Earning Online requires no Rocket Science, its simple steps we need to take daily. We should be Focused in our Approach. Sticking to a few programs promoting them to build our business; running after every other new program that launches, will not take us anywhere. We should be Committed, there will be Bad Days and there will be Good Days, may be in our initial few months, there might be more Bad Days than Good ones but we need to stick to it. Most important Making Everyday Count, doing things every day. Success is not something that can be gained with doing it just for a while, we need to be working everyday and make most of it.

Most important thing Staying Positive, its easier said than done, but if you don’t stay Positive, you cannot reach anywhere. After doing things for a while, we might see some results, not exceptional or pretty good, but yes, we are growing, this is the time many people Quit, this is the Time we need to be Staying Positive and keep making every day count and slowly things will keep falling in place. If you Quit, after few months, then all the hard work, time will all be gone.

Another most important thing is Training and 2 Training Sites, I really Love and they have helped me a lot are Click Track Profit from Tim Tech and Traffic Profit Pro by John Bell.

Do also check out the new The Wealth Builder on Block

Growing Each and Every Day should be our Motto and this is when the Magic Starts.

15 thoughts on “GROWING EACH DAY

  1. Vanda Strange

    Wow, great first article! You cover some realistic points here and if more people were to do as you mention, they would progress in this cyber world. Many thanks for taking the time to write for us 🙂

  2. Evelyn Kramer

    Rahul, I am so proud of you. I love your post and look forward to your insights. As a relative new comer you have the ability to help other new comers and not just talk at them but use your own experience as it happens. Good luck and keep on writing.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Evelyn, would really love if I am able to help someone with sharing my personal experiences.

  3. Ken Wolff

    Rock On Rahul!
    Great 1st Blog Post! We have been friends for most of the time that you have been online. You have indeed become very good at marketing in traffic exchanges and connecting with people socially. We share in the admiration of our mentors in the Wealth Builders Programs, Evelyn Kramer and Paul Germana and also the value of the training provided in Click Track Profit. You have learned a lot and progressed fast. Your success is sure to increase exponentially as you pay that forward and help other to be successful. The Best of success to you my friend!

  4. Carla Frey

    Congratulations on your first post Rahul. This is a great topic and you gave some accurate insight into the issues we all have experienced as we learn to grow our online businesses. I look forward to seeing more posts.

  5. Dovid


    Great blog and glad to see you out there. You have helped me in two areas, and I have enjoyed the chats that we have had. I am glad to know that you are following the steps of your mentors.

    Wishing you only the best success for many years to come
    Your friend

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